Why Shopify?

We believe Shopify is the most powerful, scalable and easy to tailor solution out there.

Dream Big Digital is a dedicated Shopify agency based in Yorkshire, focused on designing and building innovative and exciting Shopify stores.

As Certified Shopify Experts, we often get asked ‘Why should I choose Shopify from the array of eCommerce platforms in the market?’

Our many years of experience working with a variety of the top eCommerce platforms has solidified our belief that Shopify is the premium solution for businesses that want a scalable, easy to use platform. With packages for everyone - from start ups to large organisations, Shopify evolves with your online store.

Quotation mark

“Shopify’s mission is to empower business owners to create ecommerce websites backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales and manage your day-to-day.” 

Superior Features

Completely Scalable

Shopify has packages for everyone, from start ups to large organisations, and as your business evolves it’s easy for your online store to grow with you. The Shopify basic package gives small businesses access to some amazing features, whereas Shopify Plus is perfect for everything a large eCommerce business needs.

Completely Hosted

Shopify is also a completely hosted solution, so your performance and costs are not affected by the number of visitors to the site. This means that if unexpected success happens suddenly, your site will never slow down or crash, enabling you to maximise the revenue you make out of every opportunity.

Easy To Use

Shopify’s interface is easy to use, flexible and very intuitive. It gives business owners the ability to easily manage their products, navigation and content to make changes quickly. Every new site we build comes with a Shopify training session tailored to your site and requirements, this ensures that you’ll be able to confidently make changes to your online store. And if you need support moving forward, that’s something we can help you with in terms of ongoing maintenance.

The Latest Technology

Every site we build uses technologies like lazy loading, dynamic images and content delivery networks. These technologies are used to improve the speed of your web site which is an extremely important consideration over recent years as more customers are using mobile devices and Google is now penalising slow loading web sites.

Incredibly Flexible

Utilising Shopify we can create completely bespoke online stores that are perfectly tailored to your business and meet your needs. Other than a few areas of the checkout process (which can be custom designed with Shopify Plus) we have the power to customise every part of your eCommerce site and to build something that is perfect for your customers. Take a look at some of our Shopify Stores.

Wide Range of Features

With a huge range of built in tools and an ever-growing list of apps, Shopify gives small businesses access to tools that were previously only accessible to big eCommerce sites. The days of tools such as product recommendations, B2B functionality, product videos, abandoned cart emails and more only being available to big businesses are over. What’s more the Shopify team are constantly investing in research and development, with $ 1.38B spend in 12 months.

Increased Profitability

Brands who use Shopify generally experience a higher return on investment and increased profitability. This is mainly due to the lower monthly costs when compared to other eCommerce platforms alongside a much shorter migration period and lower than average migration costs.

The ideal platform for businesses with revenue of over £800k per year

Here at Dream Big Digital we’re also proud to work with a selection of our brands on their Shopify Plus stores. Shopify Plus offers the opportunity for further growth, scalability and return helping you sell even more online.

5 key signs your business might be ready to update to Shopify Plus:
  • Revenue of over £800k per year
  • Opening up into international and/or B2B markets
  • Require a fully tailored checkout experience
  • Need streamlined operations with further integrations and automations
  • Ready to invest in further growth

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