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50 Hertz - Sichuan Pepper Oil

50 Hertz are a new brand, passionate about bringing Sichuan Pepper Oil, a flavoured oil for cooking and seasoning, to the US market. Launched in February we designed and built their online store, providing guidance and consultancy on how to successfully sell their product online.

Our Solution

We designed a website that was visually exciting and highlighted the product's Chinese heritage in an interesting way. Our biggest challenge was to communicate a lot of information about the product without allowing the site to look cluttered and confusing for the customer.

It was important that the website was primarily focussed on selling the sauce direct to consumers, however the site also needed information for businesses that want to stock the product and the option to purchase the product online in large quantities. We achieved this through providing information throughout the site targeted at businesses as well as adding price breaks to the product - providing discounts when certain quantities of the product are ordered.

We also designed a page for customers to see where they can find the product in stores. This can be updated by the 50 Hertz team as their business grows going forward.

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"Responsive and reliable during the whole process. Even when I was missing in action, he followed up with me and moved the whole project forward...I'd highly recommend.

- Yao from 50 Hertz