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Chillbee - Luxury Beach Towels

Based in Germany, Chillbee manufacture and sell luxury beach towels to an affluent client base that care about both looking good and looking after the environment. They had recently launched with a basic eCommerce website but were looking for something with both improved functionality and a site that was more visually exciting for their customers.

Our Solution

We designed and built a fully functioning eCommerce site on the Shopify platform. We wanted the design to be modern and clean to allow the brightly coloured products to catch the customer's attention and be the star of the show.

We used iconography on the homepage and throughout the site to draw customer's focus to the key features of the products and to make the information easier to consume. This ensures the customer is aware of the quality of the product and it's environmental impact - which helps to justify the higher, luxury price point of Chillbee's towels. Another area we focussed on was creating a comprehensive About Us page. This gives the brand more personality and helps to make the customers aware of the brand's mission.

Based on the target market we also needed to ensure that social media was integrated into the website. We achieved this through a dynamic Instagram feed, share buttons and links to Chillbee's profiles.

eCommerce Website Design and Build • Built on Shopify • Brand Look & Design Style • Integration With Instagram

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"An absolute pleasure to work with, overall communication was excellent...Would definitely recommend!

- Christoph from Chillbee