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Frank's Premier Wines - Australian Wine Boutique

Frank's Premier Wines are a boutique wine merchant based in Australia and were looking for an agency to design and build their first online store. They were looking for a team that could provide expertise and really help guide them through launching their online business.

Our Solution

For the design of the site we produced a look that is modern and has a luxury feel, but still has a few touches of personality throughout. The culture around wine is obviously quite luxurious but we felt it was also important to have some more friendly elements to the design to make the customer feel like they are dealing directly with Francesco (Frank) the face of the business.

We utilised a lot of white space in the design, coupled with innovative and interesting layouts to give the site a distinctive look. We then added to this some subtle animations and scroll effects to grab the attention of new customers and to give the store a more interactive feel. The site is a completely bespoke Shopify store and is completely unique to Frank's Wines

One of the more innovative features that we built for the site is the functionality for the brands 'Wine Club'. As customers sign up to be part of the club they have access to exclusive products and offers, along with access to areas of the site that only they can see detailing these exclusive promotions.

A key focus of the business is to drive customers to place larger orders in order to optimise operational and delivery costs. In order to help them acheive this we put a number of features in place throughout the store. This included 'basket building' banners on the cart page that highlight to the customer how much more they would need to add to their basket in order to receive free delivery.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the client to really understand their business, their key goals and their customer base. This helped us to not simply design and build their Shopify store but to suggest ideas and solutions that will hopefully help the business in the long term.

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"Created a website we can be proud off and I'm sure I will gain a huge benefit from this as my business audience grows. I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest a in premium quality website.

- Frank from Frank's Premier Wines