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Inloom - B2B Textiles Business

Inloom is a family business startup founded by a team with years of experience in the Yorkshire textile industry. They approached Dream Big Digital to create a website that stood out from the rest of the market and matched their modern and innovative business.

Our Solution

Targeted at interior design businesses, architects and furniture manufacturers, we created an innovative B2B website for potential customers to browse Inloom's catalogue and order fabric samples.

The main focus of the project was creating a site that is extremely easy to navigate and encourages visitors to browse. We also used a lot of animation and transitions to give the site a very modern feel, this ensures that Inloom stand out from a market that is full of traditional and generally uninspiring websites. The majority of potential customers are designers and architects and along with the Inloom team we felt that they would respond well to a website that is more design led.

On the more technical side of the project we implemented a number of innovative ways of navigating the site, ensuring that users can easily continue browsing the product catalogue from whatever page they are on. We also provided ways for the Inloom team to add inspirational and lifestyle shots around the site - again with the designer based target market in mind.

B2B eCommerce Website • Designed on Shopify • Complete Branding Development • Innovative and Interactive Features

Visit The Site

"The feedback to the business and the website has been overwhelming and very positive, potential customers really like the website. The initial response we are getting is phenomenal.

- Nadia from Inloom Fabrics