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Moore House Cocktail Co. - Luxury Pre Made Cocktails

Moore House Cocktails is based in London, specialising in producing handcrafted, luxury cocktails. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality ingredients and the range includes classic cocktails with a few limited editions for special occasions. With business growing, their first requirements were some general site improvements, but then as Christmas approached they wanted to run a test with Google Search campaigns to drive further traffic to their website at this crucial time.

Our Solution

The initial plan was for a 4 week test, but as the campaigns bedded in and results began to pay back, the team at Moore House wanted to continue right up until the cut-off date for delivery before Christmas. In the end the campaigns on Google Search ran for 9 weeks, driving traffic to their site, orders and a 400% Return On Advertising Spend. The campaigns also served as a brand building exercise helping new customers discover Moore House Cocktails, who will hopefully become repeat customers and purchase again and again.

It can be costly when advertising alcohol as Cost Per Clicks are often well above the average rate. On top of this, during the lead up to Christmas we saw various competitors enter the marketplace, inflating the costs. Due to the unique range on Moore House however, we were able to appeal to customers who wanted something a little bit more special especially when it comes to gifting.

Throughout the 9 weeks that the Google Search campaigns ran, Dream Big Digital ran a number of different optimisation tests and utilised site extension ads for urgency messaging in the run up to Christmas. In addition to this we upweighting ads to specific demographics, times of the day and devices to ensure the budget was maximised.

Our work also included setting up Google Analytics and integrating this through their Shopify store, pulling together Ad Word results and onsite analytics into one place. This helped us understand how customers were reacting once they landed on site and this led to suggest various on site optimisation to further improve the website. To give the campaigns the best chance of success, various landing page optimisations were also put into place, including adding keyword rich SEO banners to collection pages.

Throughout this we worked very closely with the team at Moore House cocktails, almost as an extension of their team. Frequent reports were produced and reviewed in Zoom calls, with the Dream Big Digital team on hand to answer any questions. By building on our initial relationship, which started by making improvements to their website, we were able to set up quality ad campaigns as we understand the uniqueness and quality that comes with their products.

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"It can be notably difficult to get a good return on investment when it comes to advertising with alcohol brands, especially as it gets close to Christmas and the big players like Amazon, M&S and John Lewis enter the marketing. It was really positive to see the strong performance with Moore House, which I’m sure can be attributed to their unique, quality range of products.

- Lorna Tiffany