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MYTTO - Luxury Furniture

Mytto are a high end, handmade furniture business that specialise in creating design led furniture using premium materials. After 40 years of being a purely B2B business, we worked with MYTTO to launch their first B2C offering in 2020. The online store is focussed on the brand's key product ranges of sofas, chairs and furniture.

Our Solution

We worked extremely closely with the MYTTO team, learning everything we could about their product range, ethos and the goals for this new business venture. From there we proposed a look for the brand and a structure for their online offering aimed at customers seeking only the best modern furniture on the market.

High end photography, subtle design and a monochrome palette give visitors a luxury feel that makes it instantly clear what MYTTO stands for. We tailored the whole site around the products themselves - never letting the design of the website take the user's focus away from the exquisite furniture and gorgeous photography.

We also felt it was really key for the brand's dedication to creating beautiful products to be highlighted to visitors as much as possible. We chose to do this at every key point throughout the shopping journey with both emotive text and photography of MYTTO craftsmen at work.

We've continued to work with the brand on an ongoing basis to manage their digital strategy, online marketing and social media channels. This has ensured that their complete digital strategy is consistent and all their channels are working to achieve the same goal.

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"A pleasure to work with. Respected the agreed timeline and was very proactive anticipating any roadblocks. 5 stars all round!

- Nuno from MYTTO