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SimplyKits - B2B Beauty Products

SimplyKits are an Australian based B2B brand that sells equipment and products to beauticians across Australia. They specialise in kits designed to provide young beauticians with everything they need to start their first beauty business.

Our Solution

Design-wise we focussed on creating something young, fun, feminine and exciting. Utilising a pink colour palette, clean design style and fun illustrations we created a site that represents the brand and their personality. The lowercase fonts we used along with the casual tone of voice ensured the brand came across as friendly and even cheeky at times, but most importantly never boring.

We designed a simple, font based logo, instead using a distinct design style to make the brand really stand out. The pastel colours and illustrations especially were designed to really grab the attention of the brand's 18-25, female audience.

During the build of the online store we integrated a number of features designed to engage the target market, these included product reviews, an innovative category page and a dynamic instagram feed. It was also important that during both the design and build phase that our project was primarily focussed on mobile devices and that the website provided an excellent experience for SimplyKits customers across all devices.

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"Since working for the brand we've now used the new design style to design a lot more of their touchpoints. This has so far included email templates, flyer designs and packaging.